for Web Design, Internet Marketing and Media Buying

Max Relevance is a full-service Internet marketing company and advertising agency. We work with clients in Wichita, Kansas, and across the country to design websites, build comprehensive online marketing plans and buy traditional media. Our content-first approach has a proven track record of improving search engine rankings, creating website traffic and converting potential customers.

As a division of Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc., Max Relevance has access to one of the state’s largest video production teams and decades of both Internet and traditional marketing experience. We employ a team of LOCAL web developers, marketing specialists and copywriters trained specifically to drive more customers to your business.

Max Relevance partners with some of the best traditional media buying agencies. This allows us to manage your marketing campaign from start to finish. Our media buying partners are independent and have experience buying television, radio and even newspaper advertising across the United States.

Whether your business is looking to create a mobile-friendly website, optimize your existing website for Google and other search engines, promote your business online or even manage a traditional media campaign, Max Relevance can help. Contact us today for a complete website and marketing evaluation.